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The Official #2022-2

As the institutional voice of WOAH (founded as OIE), this publication outlines the progress of WOAH flagship programmes and activities. It also provides an overview of all official acts endorsed by the Organisation and its Members: resolutions, expert reports and disease status recognition, among others.

Official Acts

Delegates, Members, Reference Centres

Activities & Programmes 6 min

The role of public–private partnership in preventing the next pandemic

8th Global One Health Summit, 30 March 2022

Activities & Programmes 9 min

Antimicrobial resistance – reducing environmental contamination

Call to action by the Global Leaders Group on Antimicrobial Resistance

Activities & Programmes 8 min

First session of the Sub-Committee on Livestock of the FAO Committee on Agriculture (COAG)

16–18 March 2022

Official Acts 6 min

WOAH honorary awards

89th WOAH General Session, 23–26 May 2022

Official Acts 7 min

The World Organisation for Animal Health launches its refreshed brand identity

Press release

Expert Reports 7 min

Activities of WOAH Working Groups

Meetings held between May 2021 and May 2022

Expert Reports 22 min

A year in the life of the WOAH Specialist Commissions standard-setting work

Animal Health 3 min

Kazakhstan – Suspension of ‘CSF-free’ status

With effect from 14 June 2022

Animal Health 2 min

Indonesia – Suspension of ‘FMD-free country where vaccination is not practised’ status

With effect from 12 April 2022

Animal Health 5 min

Kazakhstan – Suspension of ‘FMD-free zone where vaccination is not practised’ status

With effect from January and June 2022