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Activities & Programmes Posted on 2022-10-17 14:38:21

G20 Joint Finance–Health Task Force

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In coordination with its Quadripartite partners,(1) the World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH) has been actively engaged in the G20 Joint Finance–Health Task Force (JFHTF) of the Indonesia’s G20 Presidency.

The G20 JFHTF brings together finance and health officials from G20 member or observatory countries as well as representatives of invited international organisations, with the aim of enhancing dialogue and global cooperation on issues related to pandemic prevention, preparedness and response. It also promotes the exchange of experiences and best practices, while developing coordination arrangements between Finance and Health Ministries, promoting collective action, assessing and addressing health emergencies that cross borders, and encouraging effective stewardship of resources for pandemic prevention, preparedness and response, all the while adopting a One Health approach.

In 2022, WOAH participated in the second (26 January 2022) and third (1 April 2022) meetings of the G20 JFHTF. At the third meeting, WOAH and the Quadripartite presented the One Health Joint Plan of Action, which was positively received and supported by the country representatives at the meeting. All participating countries agreed that the One Health approach should underpin frameworks for prevention, preparedness and response and that the Quadripartite is the relevant partnership to guide multisectoral approaches at the national, regional and global levels.

(1) The Quadripartite is composed of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH), the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

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