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Panorama PerspectivesEnriching the evidence-based approach underpinning the OIE’s standard-setting process and capacity-building strategy

Perspectives Posted on 2021-12-20 15:04:18

Enriching the evidence-based approach underpinning the OIE’s standard-setting process and capacity-building strategy


Gillian Mylrea(1)* & Barbara Alessandrini(2)

(1) Standards Department, World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE).
(2) Capacity Building Department, World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE).

* Corresponding author:

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The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) develops international standards, which aim to ensure transparency in animal health status, establish good governance of Veterinary Services and support the safe trade of animals and animal products. The PVS Pathway supports OIE Members in implementing these standards through continued and sustainable improvement of their national Veterinary Services, a mandate supported by the OIE Training Platform.

The Observatory will provide a feedback loop with the OIE standard-setting process and its capacity-building activities. This will help to ensure that OIE standards are fit for purpose and well implemented, resulting in improved animal health and welfare worldwide.

Expected benefits

The standard-setting process

OIE standards are developed by means of an expert-driven and participatory standard-setting process, resulting in science-based standards. The Observatory provides a mechanism to link information collection and evaluation with the revision of these standards. This will benefit the process by:

  • identifying strengths and weaknesses in the use of the standards and their relevance to OIE Members. This information will feed back into the standard-setting process, signalling when the standards need to be revised or when new standards are required, thus ensuring their continued relevance over time;
  • identifying whether specific standards have unintended consequences that need to be remedied;
  • analysing linkages between standards and outcomes, thereby contributing to a better understanding of their effectiveness at improving the quality of Veterinary Services and animal health and welfare, and facilitating safe international trade.

The PVS Pathway and capacity building

The PVS Pathway – targeted at Members’ needs – will provide the Observatory with specific information on how well Members are putting the OIE standards into practice. The Observatory will transform this information into an analysis that determines learning needs. This learning-needs assessment will in turn be used by the OIE training platform to develop training solutions – mainly Web-based – thus generating new learning in a continuous cycle of improvement.

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