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Panorama ResourcesStrategic challenges to global control of ASF

Resources Posted on 2020-07-24 14:27:12

Strategic challenges to global control of ASF

Technical Item 2 of the 87th OIE General Session

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Authors: B. Plavšić, A. Rozstalnyy, J.Y. Park, V. Guberti, K. Depner & G. Torres
World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE)
DOI: 10.20506/TT.2985

During the 87th OIE General Session held in Paris from 26 to 31 May 2019, a report on the strategic challenges to global control of African swine fever (ASF) was presented jointly by the OIE and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) to the OIE World Assembly of Delegates as Technical Item 2.

Based on the heightened global threat identified in the report, a call was made for the establishment of a global initiative to control ASF.

[ Download the report ]
[ Watch the presentation of the report at the 87th OIE General Session ]

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