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Panorama ResourcesOIE Bulletin, 2016–1 issue

Resources Posted on 2019-08-08 13:08:06

OIE Bulletin, 2016–1 issue

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Issue no. 2016–1 of the OIE Bulletin contains the following articles, among others:

– The HHP concept as an option to improve global access to equestrian sport (doi:10.20506/bull.2016.1.2496)

– Equine-disease-free zones (EDFZ) (doi:10.20506/bull.2016.1.2497)

– Korea’s experience with the EDFZ concept at the 17th Asian Games, 2014 (doi:10.20506/bull.2016.1.2498)

– Towards the implementation of the HHP concept in the Americas (doi:10.20506/bull.2016.1.2499)

– The EU perspective on the implementation of the HHP concept (doi:10.20506/bull.2016.1.2500)

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