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Resources Posted on 2021-02-23 14:09:56

Guidelines for simulation exercises

A consistent set of good practices for preparing, delivering, and learning from animal health
and welfare and veterinary public health simulation exercises for Veterinary Services

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World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE)

ISBN: 978-92-95115-83-5
27 pages

The OIE has developed these guidelines for simulation exercises with the goal of strengthening the capacity of Veterinary Services in OIE Members for preparedness against all hazards that affect animal health and welfare, and veterinary public health.

The guidelines are designed to be scalable to all levels of capacity and resources. They are also intended to be adaptable so that they can be used by countries of different animal disease status.

The primary target audience for these guidelines is Veterinary Services, however, they can be applied to the domestic, wildlife and livestock sectors, and affiliated stakeholders, academia, law enforcement authorities, emergency services, non-governmental organisations and other international bodies. The guidelines can be used at the producer, sub-national, national, regional and international level.

[ Download the OIE guidelines for simulation exercises ]

These guidelines complement other international guidelines, including:

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