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Panorama ResourcesRoll-out of the Global Burden of Animal Diseases programme

Resources Posted on 2021-08-16 11:14:59

Roll-out of the Global Burden of Animal Diseases programme

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Authors: J. Rushton, B. Huntington, W. Gilbert, M. Herrero, P.R. Torgerson, A.P.M. Shaw, M. Bruce, T.L. Marsh, D.L. Pendell, T.M. Bernardo, D. Stacey, D. Grace, K. Watkins, M. Bondad-Reantaso, B. Devleesschauwer, D.M. Pigott, M. Stone & S. Mesenhowski.

The Lancet, Volume 397, Issue 10279, P1045–1046
March 2021

The Global Burden of Animal Diseases (GBADs) programme team is committed to a better understanding of our livestock systems and of their positive and negative impacts on society and the environment locally, globally and nationally. There is an urgent need to develop intelligence systems able to improve decision-making for people managing livestock to limit the environmental consequences and public health risks related to livestock production and consumption, while also helping people across the world access high-quality protein and micronutrients, produced in a humane way.
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