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Panorama EditorialThe Aquatic Animal Health Strategy, a WOAH global strategy

Editorial Posted on 2023-12-12 11:40:19

The Aquatic Animal Health Strategy, a WOAH global strategy

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How the Aquatic Animal Health Strategy is supporting the mission and vision of WOAH’s Seventh Strategic Plan. 

The mission of the World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH) is to foster global commitment to improving animal and aquatic health and welfare and veterinary public health worldwide. The development of WOAH’s first Aquatic Animal Health Strategy (AAHS) responds to this mission; in particular, it aims to enable Veterinary Services or Aquatic Animal Health Services to meet both the opportunities and the challenges facing the aquaculture sector.

It is with great enthusiasm that I see the delivery of this edition of Panorama. The AAHS was adopted in 2021. It has now been two years since it commenced, and what better way to understand it than to see examples of its activities?

I invite you to read this edition, which will walk you through the different activities that are currently being implemented under the AAHS.

You will see that this strategy is not a group of isolated activities but, in line with the implementation of WOAH’s Seventh Strategic Plan, it coordinates a global framework that is supporting Veterinary and Aquatic Animal Health Services by integrating diverse components for standard setting, information management, sustainable capacity building and facilitating international collaboration.

This strategy promotes and facilitates increased communication, networking and implementation of activities among the WOAH community (WOAH Members, staff, public and private sectors, WOAH Reference Laboratories and Collaborating Centres and WOAH international partners) and involves them in the improvement of aquatic animal health and welfare globally.

This edition of Panorama gives us a glimpse into some of these activities.

Montserrat Arroyo, Deputy Director General
World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH, founded as OIE)

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