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Resources Posted on 2023-02-22 15:59:53

WOAH Training Portal

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The World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH, founded as OIE) strongly promotes education – in its initial and continuing dimensions – as one of the bases for sustainable Veterinary Services. Education should provide Veterinary Services with the knowledge, values, skills, competences and perspectives to implement their functions according to WOAH Codes. It should be interdisciplinary, integrating concepts and analytical tools from a variety of disciplines, and it should adapt to societal demands and sustainable development.

As part of its Seventh Strategic Plan, WOAH has decided to renovate its training system in line with strategic objectives on data management and Veterinary Services capacity building.

The WOAH Training Portal, the companion IT tool of the WOAH Platform for the Training of Veterinary Services, will be instrumental in the major renovation WOAH has initiated on the way it delivers training to its Members. It will:

  • Address not only disease notification but also all topics addressed in the WOAH Codes, to support their implementation
  • Support both distance and classroom training events
  • Serve as a depository for training material and resources for different audiences and purposes (expertise, reporting, statistics, etc).

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