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Panorama Around the worldDevelopment of aquatic animal health surveillance systems in Colombia, Peru and Ecuador

Around the world Posted on 2023-12-12 11:49:12

Development of aquatic animal health surveillance systems in Colombia, Peru and Ecuador


M. Minassian , Regional Representation for the Americas, World Organsation for Animal Health

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As described in the WOAH Aquatic Animal Health Strategy, improving aquatic animal health and welfare requires collaborative action among all of the relevant stakeholders, to gain capacity and create resilience, while also improving safe international trade based on the WOAH Standards. 

A project funded by the Government of Colombia has proposed a joint approach to aquatic animal disease surveillance.

Taking into account their common borders and trade history, as well as production practices and potential market access, this project focuses on the development of an aquatic animal health surveillance strategy in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.  

The first stage of the project concentrated on identifying risks along the value chain, as well as verifying surveillance capacities and finding gaps. This evaluation will serve as a basis for capacity-building activities to develop competencies in epidemiology, health management and disease knowledge. It will be invaluable in implementing risk-based surveillance for aquatic animal diseases. 

Activities to address the project’s findings will be developed during 2023, including specific training for beneficiary sectors in the three countries.
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