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The official Official ActsThe World Organisation for Animal Health launches its refreshed brand identity

Official Acts Posted on 2022-10-17 12:31:42

The World Organisation for Animal Health launches its refreshed brand identity

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The global authority on animal health unveils its new narrative, identity, and logo, providing more clarity to its critical mandate.

Since 1924, the World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH; founded as Office International des Épizooties) has been at the forefront of tackling animal health challenges alongside its 182 Members worldwide. The Organisation works across borders to improve animal health and welfare globally, creating a safer future with its vast expertise, particularly in setting International Standards.

On 28 May 2022, the Organisation previously known as the OIE revealed a new brand image, which will allow the use of its full name, World Organisation for Animal Health, with the matching acronym WOAH (OMSA in French and Spanish).

As the interdependence of animal health systems with human health, livelihoods and ecosystems has never been more apparent, the rebrand comes at a crucial moment. The impacts of disease outbreaks have become more important and highly publicised. The need for international coordination and mobilisation is clear, not only to those working in the global health sector, but also increasingly to policymakers and the general public.

To continue carrying out its mandate effectively, WOAH endeavours to further increase awareness of its thematic work, expertise, and unique positioning by actively advocating for global animal health and welfare issues and providing science-based solutions. Collaboration is the key to achieving these goals, which is why WOAH strives to foster solidarity among all its Members, and create substantial networks of expertise with easy access to knowledge and data.

By improving animal health globally, livelihoods are transformed, economies are boosted, and the world becomes a safer, healthier place. WOAH seeks to be a leader in building a more sustainable world, one that fully embraces the interdependence of health systems.

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